# 11 Your Value From Your Authority

Exploring Valuing Our Time By Accessing Our Authority

This episode explores two questions submitted by Jaimie, one of our listeners:

1. How do I set a value (monetary) for my time based on my authority?

2. Related, how do I hold boundaries on time in patient/student interactions?

We’d love to hear how you answer these questions and hope you will share this podcast with friends or colleagues that might be struggling with these issues as well. Business and caring professions are complex, but with good guidance, can be navigated just like Michael will in Japan. We also make sure Michael is packed for Japan as his authority gets translated!

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4 thoughts on “# 11 Your Value From Your Authority

  1. Hi Matt, Staffan & Michael, Matt just forwarded me the link to this podcast in answer to a question I had posted on Bridgebuilders about discussing fee for services, doing a sliding scale, how to talk about it, etc. Don’t you know I also have issues with time boundaries [sigh], which I continue to work on.

    So, for me, at the beginning of this new Fall season, this podcast couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

    As to value, I also do trades on occasion. I had never done it before 2009’s Great Recession, when nobody had money or work. They each have had high value personally, which have also led to more clients down the road.

    Thanks again – I continue to be surprised and appreciative of this growing network of virtual support!

    1. Glad it was of value to you Sharon. I think many of us struggle with this in the healing professions… but it really is important to get clarity so we can not sustain ourselves, but then use the harvest to bring service to those without means too as our broader mission. Thanks for listening. Matt

  2. GREAT Podcast! LOVE the subject of “How do you find your Value”. –
    A challenge for some in this yoga therapist world, and even from the ground up!
    I have YTT Grads who feel they can not charge for a class and give away months of teaching to groups.
    Some of us create space for long lasting life changes without even knowing.
    I had a student of my public classes start a new business venture and when I told her “congrats!” She told me “It is all because of your yoga classes” ??? She said it gave her confidence and helped calm her fears and anxieties that she has always suffered from. Enough so to open a business health care business after years of working for big corps.

    Then I had this thought… Lawyers can charge your first born !

    Thanks for another great morning listening !
    Nice to have you in my kitchen guys!

    1. But what if your first born is a lawyer Helene! ; ) [Matt here].
      That must be gratifying to get that feedback about the effect she attributed to attending your classes. I know for me, as much as I want to be unattached to outcomes, it still feels good when I get positive feedback that what I do has value for others. This topic also points back to the course I taught at your MISTY conference in Nov 2014, Yoga Therapy as Creative Inquiry. Taming those fear voices and developing our powers of discernment is critical for stepping up and claiming our value in the world.
      And what you are doing with MISTY is very valuable…in case you’d forgotten!: )

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