# 15 Searching for the Why and the How

You are going to be “ebullient” dropping in on this episode as Larry, Curly and Moe explore and share resources for establishing the why and how in operating from Your Authority. The importance of having a community with which to explore is considered and we want to know how you use community in establishing Your Authority in Life?

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3 thoughts on “# 15 Searching for the Why and the How

  1. Just a quick note to say that I was at Staffan’s UCA presentation and truly enjoyed what and *HOW* he presented information to our group. The timing was perfect as I have recently started looking for more depth in my treatment sessions and working to learn “how” to use my own softness and energy to bring more to the children I spend my days with. I took many notes and have been researching all of the “go look at this and think about it” concepts that Staffan recommended. I have ordered several books and combed through the Phoenix website. I love this direction and feel that I am truly on track. 🙂 Someday I hope to come train with you all and learn even more. I am happy that I found the podcast and am listening to it right now while I do my dreaded paperwork. Happy day to all of you!

    Thank you again!
    Quinn, Occupational Therapist

    1. Thanks for posting Quinn. So glad you enjoyed the podcast and our little Viking’s fine teaching. As you proceed in creating your next iteration of you by claiming your authority, by all means feel to contact any one of us for support. Can’t wait to see what you create from OnYourAuthority! ~ matt

  2. hmmmm….
    This conversation makes me think about a saying my father once said…
    “There are no problems , only solutions”
    In a way….
    WHY… is trying to figure out the problem from the past… and creating a reason to solve…
    HOW is finding solutions towards moving forward…creating a plan to solve…

    We do need to know what the past is, what the problem is,
    or the reason we want to change…
    or are doing what we are doing…
    “the PURPOSE”

    We then need to move forward so “the PURPOSE” has concrete direction….the HOW….
    Just my thoughts..
    .. janitor.. community.. we are all so intertwined and important to each other….

    Keep on blogging guys! I am listening!

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