# 16 Why Do We Circle Back To Unhealthy Behaviors?

Repetition, Whoring and Creativity… it was quite a morning.

Somebody get a fire extinguisher on Michael…he was fired up the whole show! Staffan asked a great question that he shared with his students about our patterns of returning to unhealthy behaviors when we know better… exposing our shared experience of often not exactly moving from OnYourAuthority. Matt shares his new podcast on Creativity In Healthcare but somehow we get back to a fired up Michael again. Tune in and let us know your answer to Staffan’s question. Lots of fuel to ignite your Life this week.

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One thought on “# 16 Why Do We Circle Back To Unhealthy Behaviors?

  1. Oh boy! What a lit fire that was!
    Friendships – Definitely fires worth stoking 😉
    Yoga Generalization & Judgement – Ironic huh?
    Change – Can only be done with inner fuel
    Food – Yummy!

    Hugs to all of you for the holidays!

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