# 19 Good to the Bone: Sherri Betz Living On Her Authority

You’ll want to drop in to hear what international Pilates and bone health expert Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT has to share about living on her authority. Sherri realized early on in her remarkable career that she had to respond to her felt sense of what was true to her. She shares how she continues to access that embodied sense of direction in order to live her life in a manner that is authentic. You will hear very practical suggestions for stepping out in that direction even when most of those around you don’t share your passion. Our bones are a metaphor for our deepest self and Sherri has been so kind to share her wisdom that allows her to stand in her authority.

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7 thoughts on “# 19 Good to the Bone: Sherri Betz Living On Her Authority

    1. It was very much our pleasure Sherri. We appreciate you taking time to share your powerful story and insights. The feedback has been tremendous, especially about how you could take such a long, complex process and bring it back to very practical principles that you followed along the way. Exactly what are listeners found useful. Looking forward to the four of us continuing our conversation in person some day! Thank you!

  1. I love these podcasts and find so much resonance with many of the topics covered, especially this one! I’ve been with you all since the beginning, but am just taking the time to chime in, so here’s what I have to share…

    In my mid-twenties I hit a pivot-point in my life where I hit rock-bottom. I always refer to it as an “early-life crisis,” but it was definitely a wake-up call. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, working full-time in a corporate job the took every ounce of my being to drag myself into every morning, and I was diagnosed with a voice disorder and having regular panic attacks. If I think in terms of living on my authority, or following my compass, I had veered dreadfully off course. I remember nights when my eyes would pop open with a feeling of doom and a deep inner knowing, which then was a mere whisper saying, SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE! I felt that I was way off course and my body was screaming very loudly, telling me so, so I made the choice to listen.

    To sum it up, I knew that the change had to start from within. The biggest and hardest first step I took was leaving the relationship in order to make the long journey back to myself, and what an amazing a beautiful journey it’s been. It all started with being on my yoga mat and taking the time to listen, which was very often times a feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin.

    In the process of it all I returned to college and began studying the effects of meditation and yoga on reducing the symptoms associated with stress-related illnesses. I sought out a position in my colleges Stress Reduction Clinic where I supported students in reducing stress by learning how to monitor and regulate their hear-rate variability. Then I came to another pivot-point where I had to act on my own volition…to pursue my interests in experimental psychology, or find a route where I could work more directly with people and how their experiences of their bodies shape their lives. This pivot point led me to seek out schools that combined the study of yoga and psychology, and this is how I was led to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, which is now my passion and my calling.

    I remember early on when I felt like I was merely a shell of a person, being on my yoga mat and having a faint image of myself in the future, confident, strong, and holding space for people who were where I was at during that time; raw, vulnerable, and ready for change. This image of my future self and who I was becoming became my focal point, or in terms of being on a journey and using a compass, my “true north”. Having this sense of a “true north” has kept me aligned and attuned with my path in life, and since then, I have stepped into that image I always knew was my true self…I just had to feel my way into it again.

    I love how in this show you touch on all the tiny steps it takes to make dreams a reality, because it has definitely been an arduous journey “home.” But when I look around at my life now, it feels like such a stark contrast to what I was living before.

    Now, almost 11 years after I hit rock bottom, I am a praciticng Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in my home-state of Oklahoma City, OK. I work with a well-rounded team of holistic practitioners who all share similar goals and where we just recently knocked out a wall and completed renovations to a brand new yoga studio. My days now are filled with yoga classes, private clients, as well as my role in mentoring incoming Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists. One of our biggest “next steps” as a clinic is to start a holistic school where we can all band together to train other likeminded individuals in healing arts. Now, instead of it taking every ounce of my being to go to work, I hop cheerfully with anticipation towards the fullness of what each new day will hold, and lately with every step along the way, I’m hearing, “love, love, love, love.” This is what I’ve created for myself, and this where “living on my own authority” has landed me.

    When I look back at all the tiny choices that led me to where I’m at today, I am every grateful for my courage and strength in it all…not to mention the power of saying “no” to things that did not align with my true north.

    Thank you all so much for creating these conversations and I look forward to hearing more.

    Sarah Bustamante
    Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
    Practitioner, Teacher, and Program Mentor

    1. And an after thought…

      Through my journey and working through all the edges along the way, I have connected with my voice again. My voice spasms are non-existent on most days, and never as strangling as they were when I was first diagnosed more than 10 years ago. And I’m happy to say that I’m in a steady, grounded, supportive relationship now.

      1. What a wonderful story to share Sarah…thanks for taking the time to let us know that Sherri’s insights matched your experiences. Your home state is no easy place to grow your PRYT practice, so I’m betting you will resonate with our show about constraints and barriers too! Continued success and keep moving from YOUR AUTHORITY.

  2. Thank you Matt, Staffan, Michael & Sherri Betz! I related to so much of your earlier experience in setting up a practice, Sherri. I was ready to quit healthcare altogether 10-15 years ago. Then jumped off the map into making my current practice. I’m still growing it, and myself, one day at a time. Your energy and accomplishments are inspiring. How you set up your practice to include everyone, no matter their ability to pay, is a great model. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom!

    1. So glad to hear you found her story as supportive as we did Sharon. I’ll forward to Sherri as well to let her know as she might not be copied on the comments. Keep shaking things up in the Big Apple. Getting some real dance lessons this week with all the politicos in town, are’t you?

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