# 21 Finding Your Authority In Conversations That Matter

In show # 21 we have the distinct privilege of hearing the wisdom of Matt’s wife Jennifer Collins Taylor, MSW. Matt and Jennifer are pulling up roots and returning to Jennifer’s home on the farmstead she grew up on. They’ve been supporting her father in their home for the winter, but he wishes to finish his days on the farm he built with his wife.  Jennifer shares how she determines her authority through the power of conversations about the end of life and how those conversations bring fuel to living today. These threads tie in perfectly with Michael’s reflections on “Right intention, right action” and Staffan’s appreciation of the simplification of complex challenges in our political scene. Life and death are complex, but rich areas for finding your authority. Please join us.

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One thought on “# 21 Finding Your Authority In Conversations That Matter

  1. SO lovely to hear you included in the podcast Jennifer. Mom passed away last year and I know how happy I was to have her closer and be there for the last years. Yes when it feels right in your soul it is right. The head can just get in the way!
    All does work out when we follow our heart.
    Your dad will be blessed to have you both !!!

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