# 22 The Tensions for Building Your Authority

You have Staffan’s spaghetti arms, Michael’s flying lessons and ultimately asking, “Where does the edge of freedom live?” and Matt got to “meet” The Rav… a famous Jewish law authority of the 20th century.   Staffan almost pulled something in his international presentations translating from English to Swedish, and Michael discovered The Kalama Sutra. Just your average couple of weeks for this irreverent trio! Join us and share how you utilize tensions to build your authority!

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5 thoughts on “# 22 The Tensions for Building Your Authority

  1. Helene Couvrette Just now having time to listen to this podcast session. I want to say a huge thanks for such lovely words about MISTY. Warms my heart. SOO sorry you could not be there Matthew Taylor and Michael Lee… I know Staffan Elgelid missed you so much he was “sick” about it ! lol
    I am so LOVING these podcasts !

    1. We look forward to the next MISTY Helene….that’s where all this trouble between the 3 of was formally hatched!

  2. I am really enjoying these podcasts! Laughing out loud while in my car – “fuels” my day as I drive from client to client as a home care PT. This conversation made me think of the 3 Jewels. Buddha is the ultimate embodiment of freedom through response-ability. The Dharma is the “body” of knowledge that we choose to express as our unique dharma, gaining wisdom as we apply that knowledge, overcoming self-doubt only by holding the tension of that “edge” and claiming our authority. The 3rd refuge, the Sangha, provides the safe space. We are met as we are, experience loving kindness and compassion, AND are held accountable – providing feedback that facilitates self-compassion and motivation for the challenge of the journey. For me, finding a local sangha, has been the most difficult. The ones with which I most resonate have often been quite a distance from where I live. I may have to content myself with virtual sanghas.

    1. How fun to hear the podcast fuels your drives between clients Michele. It certainly fuels our mornings every other week when we get together and has helped hold us responsible in our respective dharmas as well. Please keep us posted as allow the next emergence of your practice too! Go, go, go!

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