# 23 Stepping Into the Wild for Your Authority

In this episode we explore the benefits and risks of stepping into the unknown or wilderness as a practical tool for establishing our own authority.  As usual, we also touch on several other handy techniques to include storytelling (all lies by the way according to Michael), ancient scriptures and the value of a circle of confidants…even as goofy as the 3 of us. We’d love to hear about your experience with explore your own wild-erness and how that fuels your authority. Scary? Fun? Worth it? Let us know in the comments below or email us at info@onyourauthority.com .

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One thought on “# 23 Stepping Into the Wild for Your Authority

  1. Enjoyed comments about stories, narratives and information!
    In my 200YTT I teach philosophy (& and anatomy for that matter) not by just handing out the manual for them to read at home.
    I hand it out bit by bit and I always read information out load with students, which in each group, each moment in time, each year, brings about different stories that come up for me to share and in this way it brings meaning to the philosophy (& and life lived examples to anatomy) in a way they can relate to the information, remember it better and create deeper integration of the knowledge.

    Thanks again guys for the mention of MISTY & MOI !
    see you at SYTAR soon!!

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