# 24 Earning the Right to Speak About Your Philosophy

It’s a birthday party… OYA is marking its one-year anniversary of broadcasting. In this episode we want to know how you differentiate information as being meaning-full or meaning-less in your Life? Michael is deep into making yoga philosophy practical in re-writing his PRYT manuals while Staffan shares an inspiring insight/experience of finding a better way to engage his students. Matt’s busy preparing to move next week and shares a beautiful poem (see link to read) written by one of his yoga students entitled, “The Chair”. Tune in and then let us know how you filter information to claim YourAuthority.

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One thought on “# 24 Earning the Right to Speak About Your Philosophy

  1. Hmm…
    Teaching is sharing our knowledge and using our authority as teachers,
    to create space for the students,
    to uncover and live on their own authority,
    using the knowledge we share.

    YES it is great fun and lots of FOOD FOR THOUGHTS listening to you all!!

    I would dearly miss it!

    Also.. Would I be right to say… if you did NOT podcast… it would have different energy of sharing … doing podcast I imagine… makes you all a little more conscious of what you are saying… and as you said also how you are more consciously living in between the podcasts 🙂

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