# 25 To Err Is Your Authority

If we’re not “mistaken”, this show has something for every listener. Team work, mystery, mistakes, hubris and irony…all hallmarks of discovering our authority. The gang offers up practical actions to take when you meet with mistakes or find yourself in the larger mystery that Life offers. How have mistakes informed your authority? What techniques do you use to garner the harvest of a good big mistake? Drop us a note at info@onyourauthority.com or visit our Facebook page… liking us won’t be a mistake!

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One thought on “# 25 To Err Is Your Authority

  1. Hearing this podcast… brings memories to me of my mom – who swam in the Olympics in Melbourne ’56 … held 3 world records at 19years of age… in the end watching my her body and the history of its great agility and strength… yet seeing it breakdown …. also with kidney failure… taking her May 1st just 1 year ago… it is a gift we are given to be able to be present beside this passing…

    I have a wonderful guru friend who has a saying;
    We can chose to change the voice from “I HAVE to do this” to “I GET to do this”

    heart with you all

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