# 27 Compromise, Integrity & Politics: Easy Stuff

In living OnYourAuthority, how do you dance with the concepts of compromise, integrity, and politics? Not necessarily conventional politics, but your own “body politic” within your life circle of influence? The gentlemen (extreme license of the term here) bat that around, as well as really make good fun of the wanna be leader Taylor and his 5 tests for leadership potential (it’s really shameful…you’ve gotta listen!). Of course it was the Viking and his clunky sword that set it all off. So drop in and let us know how you see all of this playing out in YourAuthority.

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One thought on “# 27 Compromise, Integrity & Politics: Easy Stuff

  1. Totally agree Staffan! There is no reasoning or feeling it out with those who need to scream or talk nonsensical, non logical,
    non empathetical (made up a word there 🙂
    Canada is just totally perplexed ! lol
    As you say as well Michael “How we live our life is a statement!”
    I always say “It is enough work to live our own life to its potential! Stay busy with that and save your energy for your personal growth instead of trying to change others!”
    Happy for you Matt and Jenn for doing nothing… really it is doing “living” !

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