# 28 Old News, Familiar Story…Living with Differences

This show was recorded just after the Miami massacre at the club…so we ask about living with differences, creating change locally vs having to “go” to where there’s a disaster and now it appears these same challenges are mounting rather than being solved. We also share resources from the June Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research that celebrated and demonstrated inclusivity. Michael also shares a reflection on the Miami tragedy. Let us know how you are living with difference in your life as you claim your authority.

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One thought on “# 28 Old News, Familiar Story…Living with Differences

  1. It was so awesome to see you guys at SYTAR.! Dancing last night , I think we all rocked it! … of course that is only my perspective .. which comes from my felt sense experience of PLAY!… not from awareness.. other then awareness that it was great fun to PLAY!!!

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