# 29 “Vigilant” Salty, Diary-keeping, Cowboy Pokemon….Yup, One of Those Shows

After a  nearly month hiatus with travel and work obligations, the guys are at again. There was a great deal of catching up and yet a common thread emerged.  (Besides making fun of Taylor at the usual time!) In the summer time oddness of suspended schedules, political craziness, Pokemon zombies and searching for authority we finish with an assignment for ourselves and you our listeners. Tune in and let us know your thoughts and how you stay “vigilant” locally.


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One thought on “# 29 “Vigilant” Salty, Diary-keeping, Cowboy Pokemon….Yup, One of Those Shows

  1. Staffan… Your Dads writing… mom passed last year and dad 13 years ago…. the thought of reading a daily journal the wrote… just .. no words… heart felt…
    Micheal I think a power failure is a great opportunity for deeper connection! Would it not be great to have an international Black out Day where families would gather and just TALK in the dark! How cool would that be!
    Matt & Pokeman.. it is so interesting all walking around looking for imagined entities… while we cant imagine what it is to NOT have to do for while… and just BEING present… with ourselves and connected in the present to others for real!
    All of your sharing reflections of the depth of life.. and the certainty of death.. and what it is all about for us all in between… I feel blessed to have you guys pop up in mine .. xo .Really great sharing stuff you guys . Huge hugs!
    p.s Matt I think you look quite cowboy like on a horse! Don’t let those guys pick on you! Lol

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