# 30 “Sombunall” -stating Our Authority Without Violence

This show finds Michael at his cabin in Maine, Staffan just back from Puerto Rico, and Matt somewhere on the West coast! Drop in for discussion of the importance of carving out space(s) and avoiding absolute statements, both with others and in our own self talk. Matt re-introduces an old concept by Robert Anton Wilson of “sombunall”…have you tried it? It works…some but not all of the time in minimizing the violence that can occur when trying to assert #onyourauthority. Let us know how you do the same!

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2 thoughts on “# 30 “Sombunall” -stating Our Authority Without Violence

  1. You guys so fun to listen to 🙂
    Matt, I wanted to share with you you comforting words I once learned…. those who love us most and feel safest with our love for them are often the ones who tease us the most (kids, partners, podcast pals)… because of the safety that is felt from this love. 🙂

    Love you all , you knuckleheads 🙂

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