# 39 Can You Ask a Better Question Today?

We’ve changed our recording schedule in order to keep our shows more timely as things seem to be changing quickly. Over the next several weeks we’ll go from a 2 week production to a 72 hour production time. This week we explore how do we begin to dialog around the complex issues of our times. In addition to offering some resources to explore, we again realize we don’t know either…and maybe that’s a good place for all of our dialogs to begin? Your thoughts and experiences? @kristatippett

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4 thoughts on “# 39 Can You Ask a Better Question Today?

  1. .. and then I have had a question that has come to mind often and more so in these times..
    …beyond the solution seeking of how and who to let in to the country…
    maybe the question is why is the country one that is such a target …when many others are not such a target concern…

    … how to listen the way others hear… so desires to attack desolves…

      1. yes, also good question Matt 🙂

        It is always interesting to me that fear of unknown is so powerful.
        What if we turn on the lights and really look and see what we fear.
        Often is it not just an over active “mind” fear….

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