# 40 We’re Living Proof There’s All Kinds of Communities

This show we zoom in on community: where is it? where isn’t it? how does our attitude and focus affect community building? especially now in these times of sharper divisions between groups? Is there a somatic, emotional or breathing component that can facilitate our community building? What works for you and where do you get frustrated? Join us and share your experience. Now is the time to build more communities, even if they are as odd as our 3 little group!

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One thought on “# 40 We’re Living Proof There’s All Kinds of Communities

  1. For me community is created with a feeling of “caring and watching out for each other.”
    Be it family, neighbors, or colleagues.
    Like you guys I feel are part of my community! 🙂

    Choices ; Good subject!
    What do we do when we are “trying to make a choice”.. this came up in my life from someone close to me this week.. and I shared…
    When not sure, I find that; “imagining and sensing the body as I do ” one choice at a time “feeling in body and breath” as I” imagine ” ….
    This will give help guide the choice.

    Glass ;
    If there is water in it .. half or less or more .. and you are thirsty.. DRINK!!!!!
    And be grateful there is SOME water!

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