# 42 Edges: Too Familiar? Too New? Who Knew?

What happens to our rhythms when one of us is snowed in without power for days, the other is shuttling between Canada and Mexico, while I’m settling into the desert? How does new-ness vs routine affect our authority? What do edges of tedium or extreme novelty do to your sense of authority? How do you create stability when too much is new and how do you spark changes when there’s been no change for too long? It’s all here with some great reading resources.

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2 thoughts on “# 42 Edges: Too Familiar? Too New? Who Knew?

  1. Loved this segment and insight! I also am heavy on the intellectual non fiction on my bookshelves. However my son really wanted his Dad and I to read the Harry Potter series with him. I cringed at having to do it but loved every minute of it! Alas I still gravitate toward the non fiction isle in the bookstore and online. Also loved the discussion about how/why we humans gravitate toward doing instead of being and neophilia vs neophobia I.e. Yoga vs tai chi, qigong, &meditation. I would add that yoga was very unfamiliar at least in the United States 25-30 years ago and in the last 10-15 years has become part of the culture in the U.S. Meditation feels like it is gaining steam as “worthwhile” by more of the population but still a hard sell to sit still. Not quite yoga status….yet. Tai chi is wonderful and actually harder(less familiar?)for me personally than yoga and given its very slow and deliberate nature another hard sell for Americans as well.

    1. Reply from Michael: Thanks for your comment Cathleen. A ton of the recent neuroscience research is in the mindfulness arena and seems to be helping to propel it more into the mainstream from a mental health perspective. Harry Potter has been a big winner in our household too. Can’t say I’m a big fan but it is fascinating to read or listen to.

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