# 43 Trigger: Not Roy Roger’s Horse

This free form version of the show was just a bit different than most. Many experiences to relate as all 3 of us hit a busy patch. Staffan final read a serious book, “Triggers” and that set off all manner of triggers. Taylor got an F for failing his assignment to read a fun book…and penalized for it! And Michael played us both like a fiddle. Stop by, relax and chuckle. Nothing too serious to see here this show, move along please….

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One thought on “# 43 Trigger: Not Roy Roger’s Horse

  1. Thanks for good words about MISTY Staffan!
    Sounds like you had great time traveling Michael!
    and … Matt you may have stumbled onto something with your magic of yoga wear theory ! lol
    Another fun break listening to you all. I guess I will stay subscribed 🙂

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