# 44 Spring is Sprung…Still Got Bounce In Your Spring?

It’s spring, the sap is rising, in the Northern Hemispheres the daylight is gaining each day. Do you still feel the youthful renewal of spring? If you do or don’t, is it a matter of state of mind or state of body? How might you re-capture that youthfulness or does the acquired wisdom of experience offset any diminishment in capacities. And yes, Matt did his homework…and learned to never submit to Dr Elgelid’s authority. Who knew there were romance novels specifically for men or women!

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2 thoughts on “# 44 Spring is Sprung…Still Got Bounce In Your Spring?

  1. omg so funny!! Matt I say you get A+ for being good sport and I happen to love your homework choices! Every man should read a womans romance novel at least once! I dare Staffan and Michael to do so!!
    And Staffan if you do get the sessions public of your guests like Michael at your program I would love to tune in!

    Wish I could make the retreat!
    have fun guys

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