# 46 Finding Authority as a New Graduate

This show follows up from last weeks show by Michael sharing his morning embodied reflection technique for you to experience. We then dive into a question from a new PT graduate about authority as a brand new graduate when you might think you have any authority. Fun conversation with many great suggestions that would support any new grad. Please share with your new grads in your family or organization!

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2 thoughts on “# 46 Finding Authority as a New Graduate

  1. I wanted to thank Michael for the meditation practice noted in this episode. I felt this experience was quite insightful. When the question was posed about how we want to be in this life and then specifically of how do we want to show up today….I was taken immediately to “I want to be present to the people around me.” And that led me deeper to explore…uh, how do I really do that? Which expanded to how I want to be in this life. If I am to be present to the people around me, then I must lead a life that is not rushed. A life that is not always full of striving, where I can take time getting from one place to the next….images of life in the Oregon mountains came in. Hmmmm.

    Anyhow, it was a practice that has kept me in check throughout the day. How do I want to show up today?—that simple phrase. When I start to get pouty or disappointed or find myself wanting more or judging…I think back to that phrase that started my day to recall….ahhh yes…..today I am going to be present to the people around me. Or today I am going to be light. Or today I am going to be easeful.

    And with that I am fueled to show up today. Thank you.

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