# 50 The Sloooowwww Show…the dog days of summer…almost.

Talking about contextualizing our search for authority. Also acknowledging a slow, low energy show and being ok with that. Michael mentioned being interviewed on https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kent-brun-podcastprofessionalstalkingyoga/id1035013134?mt=2 We’d love to hear your experience about discovering what enhances your life? Are there times when you escape and other times when you are moving toward something? How do you tell the difference? How does context inform your decision making in these changing times?   

And fellas… it is the rising of Canis Majoris, (aka Sirius) rising causing mad dogs in the hottest part of summer in the N Hemisphere. I am your fount of useless knowledge : )

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One thought on “# 50 The Sloooowwww Show…the dog days of summer…almost.

  1. 50 shows!! Woohoo!! Look at you guys!
    So happy you taking this summer to “BE” Staffan!
    Sounds like Michael and Matt are doing enough work this summer to make up for your time off! 🙂
    Good discussion on following or creating your own authority…
    Maybe… it is a bit scarey for some to lead their own way…

    For me summer has been all about friend time, kid time, and fun time!
    Soak in the rest of dog days! It will end soon enough!

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