# 52 Scary Tales From Camp…Sorta

Show #52 finds Matt and Michael together up at Michael’s camp in Maine. They seem to be haunted by a voice from beyond in the woods… could it be a misdirected Viking stumbled on N America again? You will just have to tune and find out! Then share with us where or how you recharge and go deep to listen for your authority. Please no wise cracks about the loons intro/outro and the 3 of us being somewhat…well, looney.

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One thought on “# 52 Scary Tales From Camp…Sorta

  1. I definitely know what you mean by being in the wild and being present for sure having grown up spending most of my time north country here. That family cottage is no more but going to Vermont regularly now to a friends is my “drop in” to me and the present fix 🙂 A MUST for my self care !

    Happy you got to get away Staffan, but bitter sweet… I went to London to visit friends the very day after the attack in London.

    I agree with you all.. finding ways to spread kindness and help close to home and more so in our souls home is a gift of grace.

    For myself…
    I see cancer fundraising all around.. I admit I do not give my $20..
    but or I should say INSTEAD.. My center offers to any who are in cancer treatment free admission to any of your yoga classes. And also if they have any other terminal disease…
    I had a student with ALS.. he came EVERY day for 1.5 years since diagnosed.
    Last month he came it and after class said it was his last as he had to move near his family to be cared for. Those last months he was in obvious pain but he kept coming every day. He was our hero.
    3.5 weeks after his last class he passed in his sleep….
    I am grateful to have a chance to offer free admission to classes.
    My thoughts behind this is that I do not want $$$ to be part of what makes those who have cancer as well as terminal diseases a thought of how to self care. I believe yoga is one of those ways and I am blessed with being able to offer it in my center.
    We do not alter our classes. (though of course we offer props and options for them) And they love that we don’t make it a “special” class or draw attention…as it makes them feel part of the others in class not part of a “sick group”.

    For myself… my kindness is in doing this ! I feel good giving in a way I can to make a difference as I say to them “if only to come breathe when a pose we offer doesn’t feel right or you are tired and just want to be in the space.
    And then there is Vermont as my cherry on top – hey we can ‘t love others too much nor ourselves!..
    hmm… Well ok unless your initials are a specific .. DT.. lol sorry Canadian here hard to hold back from that pop up thought in my head lol

    Staffan now back to work life!
    Great you have a spark.. I feel it hard sometimes to sparked up after cool down time!

    Matt I’m going to check out the your course!!! Thanks!

    hugs to all and oh ..
    p.s. Creepy picture! Good think I know you all to be not creepy.. kinda 🙂 lol

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