# 54 Marketing: Smart Integrity?

Join us in our discussion around maintaining integrity and marketing. Is it an oxymoron? How do you do it? Then laugh as Staffan and Matt take Michael through his own very needed Phoenix Rising experience around anger!

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One thought on “# 54 Marketing: Smart Integrity?

  1. WOW Michael! Sounds like you got some cool karma after offering to help !
    SO cool Nasa!! Especially for a pilot!
    How fun Staffan to see your student carry forth her learning in part your teaching!
    Congrats on the book Matthew!

    Totally agree with you all. I have always felt that that if we stay true to our intention and go about our passion as authentically as we can, trusting that the service we offer will draw who needs “our way of service”, then marketing is more like “shining ” 🙂
    I believe authenticity , and human sincere warmth is a valid and ethical “advertising”.
    And even if they do not know it until they find it, what people want behind any other offered service. At least that is my experience…
    I also like what you said about warm referral / cold referral Matt.

    As to asana / mindfulness section of this show I have a saying in my YTT.
    I try not to judge what door someone walks through to discover yoga.
    Asana, mindfulness, hot yoga, gym yoga, ashram, retreat experience….
    Whichever door… It often shifts in time, all doors lead to introducing yoga of some kind, so they can seek other doors or shift to.
    As long as they walk in….

    p.s. I would love to be a guest ! *~*


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