Welcome to On Your Authority, where 3 body/mind experts share practical ideas and resources that become fuel to ignite YOUR LIFE. Here you will find the latest news about the body/mind complex as it relates to everyday life, as well as musings about what is happening in our society and how to use those changes to lead you to a more enriched and mindful life.

Each 28-minute show begins with the hosts describing what’s been foremost in their life about the body/mind complex the past week and sharing with you the new resources  they’ve discovered … in other words, you will have access to what’s in their hearts, on their desk and happening on their practice mats in real time. The remainder of the show will be these 3 graying/balding veterans of body/mind exploration discussing a related topic from their depth of experience that will provide additional insights and strategies you can use to continue to establish your authority in igniting your life with more meaning and purpose.

So join them in a relaxed, kicked-back and sometimes even irreverent atmosphere of three good friends encouraging each other and you to live life ON YOUR AUTHORITY.

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