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Show # 1  Welcome to On Your Authority

Your introduction to why On Your Authority.  This orientation and introduction podcast lets you the listener hear why these three started the podcast and how it can be of value to you to tune in regularly to discover how to live life fully On Your Authority.

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Show # 2 How Our Embodiment Can Inform Our Authority

Using the body as a reference. The hosts share simple, proven techniques to better understand what is most authentic and valuable to you are you chart your own authority.

Michael: His Phoenix Rising program.

Matt: Mudras book.

Staffan: Hand written notes and typing for comprehension and his chapter on Somatic Education and Yoga.

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Show #3  Creating Space to Find Your Authority

How to use space to find insight in life. In today’s fast paced environment, learn ways to slow down and use space to discern your next actions and commitments in Life.

Michael:  His book and the link to Dory Previn’s 20 mile zone.

Staffan: Google Alexander technique.

Matt:   His teacher Jeff’s book and Thupten Jinpa’s A Fearless Heart.

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Show #4  Making Space to Find Direction

Living systems increase in complexity and relationships over time. We’ve all experienced this not only in technological terms, but as families grow, we age and society becomes more unpredictable. This week Staffan, Matt and Michael share some resources and perspectives on how they address this ongoing struggle both personally and with clients. Slow down, listen and enjoy the spaces ahead!

Michael:  The Heart and The Fist book.

Staffan: The book Resilience.

Matt:   A PT professional way of qualifying incorporated knowledge link. A 3-minute video about the hero’s archetype here.

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Show # 5  Holding Your Own Space

Show # 5 takes an interesting twist as the conversation between Matt, Michael and Staffan emerges much differently than the planned show notes. Drop in and enjoy a deep conversation about the role of courage, vulnerability and and dropping the race for more techniques for claiming your authority.

Michael:  Here’s a question from a listener – Stephanie from NY emailed – “what does it really mean to do life “on your authority”.  Don’t we have to live and work together and isn’t that about compromise? Where’s the balance between being empowered and taking care of yourself and taking care of others?
Michael’s quote for the week:  “You can’t step into the same river twice” – Heraclitus (Greek philosopher)

Staffan: Find a porch and use it!

Matt:  At SYTAR, Baxter Bell’s keynote re: career change and stepping out but bringing past strengths/passions into the new…have you made a big career change?  ;  Also a great podcast on the Art of Stillness from someone who has known both

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Show # 6  Techniques for Sensing Your Authority

Show # 6   How do you figure out what the “real” you is in a world bombarding us with information and it’s own proposed authority. That’s the simple topic we address today. The hosts share how they do it personally and how they set environments for their students/clients to come to the same discovery themselves. We also want to hear from you how you have been able to support yourself and if you work with others, how you support them.

Michael:  Shared specific language that can used to sense and own one’s own embodied present experience. Around 18 min into the show…but listen to whole show to grasp the context of his sharing!

Staffan: Related from both his Feldenkrais and yoga therapy training various perspectives and practices for discovering one’s voice, especially as it related to his present writing experience. He also shares a great insight regarding the transition we’re in via technology which prompted Matt’s John Powell resource below.

Matt:  Offered that after exploring vulnerability in last show  and it’s effects related to courage “fr. great heart” that he found a great Jean Paul Sartre 2 min video on what it means to be “me” . Later he mentions Dr. Daniel Siegel’s definition of kindness as being: “Supporting one another in our vulnerability.” and how community is so important in gaining deeper insight into our authority.  A resource for the craft of narrative from Brainpicking (Maria Popova) is .   And the John Powell interview about we mindbody professionals needing to recognize the paradigm transition we’re in can be found here: 

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Show # 7 About Place and Travel

Sustaining Your Authority Through Place and While Traveling

This fun broadcast is led by Staffan as he interviews Matt and Michael who are staying at Michael’s camp in northern Maine. The crew addresses a listener’s question about maintaining or finding one’s authority while traveling internationally. How do you do that? What steps help and what have you learned isn’t such a good idea? Join us and share your knowledge!

No real technical resources this show, but some great ideas and some good laughs. Here’s a 2 minute trailer to give you a sense.

Here are a few photos to get the North Woods feeling of place and tease the Viking a bit:

Camp Vera Lee







the missing authority with text






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Show # 8 Transitions and Transitioning

Your Authority as a Touchstone in Transitions

Staffan, Michael and Matt explore their experiences around transitions, from professional to personal, to include supporting aging parents. Join us and share your experiences of transitioning and how you stay with Your Authority.


michaels flight diversion
Michael Changing Directions in Transition 7/13/2015

Michael: NPR on Mindfulness    and Michael’s diverted “transition” flying July 13, 2015.

Staffan:  I listened to the Diane Rehm show and she interviewed David Mccullough about his new book on the Wright brothers. I like where he quoted Wilbur Wright as saying there are two ways to train an unruly horse: One is to observe it and write a paper on how to tame it, and another is to ride it. They flew the plane they invented.

Matt: The Bridgebuilder Facebook group of > 560 rehab pro’s using yoga (join us if that’s you). And Matt’s childhood picture of how he wants to show up in the world.

The spirit of inner authority.
The spirit of inner authority.








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Show # 9 What Are We Looking For?

This show opens with Staffan sharing his experience losing his father recently, a common or foreboding challenge for many boomers. That leads to an exploration of where his father found his authority and what listener’s might consider for themselves. From there we head to Japan with Michael, Alaska with Matt and back to the beach on Mallorca with Staffan…each stop giving us all a chance to pause and reflect, “What am I looking for?” and “How/When do I even look?”… we’re all on this boat of Life together…what is it we’re leaning over the rail to find?  Join us and then share your insights on what fuels your life!

whale watching







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Show # 10 The Many Branches of Grounded Practices

Join us in an end of summer reflection on ways we find grounding when major and minor Life shifts

Tree of Contemplative Practices
Click to enlarge

occur. We share some resources for claiming your authority in ways that will fuel your passion and keep you returning to what gives your Life its deepest meaning. The seasons turn fast and Fall is a great time to recalibrate! What practices do you use and what things can you let “fall” away as the summer fades? We’d like to know!

Michael:  EntreLeadership w/ Gary V

Staffan:  The value of small town relationships and the power of naps from the Swedish nap king himself!

Matt:  The tree of contemplative practices and a throw down to Staffan re: nap-ability!

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Exploring Valuing Our Time By Accessing Our Authority

This episode explores two questions submitted by Jaimie, one of our listeners:

1. How do I set a value (monetary) for my time based on my authority?

2. Related, how do I hold boundaries on time in patient/student interactions?

We’d love to hear how you answer these questions and hope you will share this podcast with friends or colleagues that might be struggling with these issues as well. Business and caring professions are complex, but with good guidance, can be navigated just like Michael will in Japan. We also make sure Michael is packed for Japan as his authority gets translated!

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Finding our way in business
Finding our way in business.







# 12 HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU?michael in japan small

Perspectives from NY, Iowa and Japan

Michael shares many interesting adventures and the tremendous commitment of the students. Staffan talks about the satisfaction of learning about the many exciting things his past students shared they’re doing when they came back for fall Alumni Weekend. While from the middle of the heartland of Iowa Matt checks in with rhythms of harvest and space to reassess his commitments on a break. What are your commitments and “Have you had a cold shower lately?”.

Staffan New Nazareth Fitness Center Opening

Matt’s Podcast Interview with Karen Litzy.

Michael video leading Japan training.

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farm harvest 300x200

As harvest began in central Iowa last month, Matt discusses how that stirred a different sense of rhythm and pacing. Coupled with Michael’s experience with adding his soybean to his diet (a whole bunch of them in the picture to the right), and Staffan’s appreciation for the skill and dedication of hockey players, there’s much to consider and reflect on about our authority.

Please join us and let us know how you find a sustainable rhythm as you go through your days!

Michael: A 10 minute exercise in What’s Most Important Today?old grove small
Hockey started!

Matt:  A 12 second old pine grove meditation from his wife’s family farm…turn up your sound.






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Setting a direction


How Do You Use Intentions and Why?

The show starts out with Staffan running on “Empty” for fuel, then careens into conflict in relationships from Michael, and Matt realizing that maybe he’s [Matt] not quite as crazy as he originally assessed. The bulk of the show then explores a listener’s question around the use of intentions in yoga. Of course we can’t just leave it at that, but you’ll have to listen in to find out where it takes us and some great insights for simple, practical application. Then please share back what intentions do for you or what other questions you have around the topic…at least that’s our intention ; )

Homework from Michael: Take out a sheet of paper. Write down 3 things you want to be different a year from now. Then write down “how” you are going to make that so.

Michael: Listening to Les and Leslie Parrott on conflict resolution in relationships.

Staffan: Some background on the how of “How Feldenkrais Works” to reference our habitual body responses to signal our emotions.

Matt: Mary Catherine Bateson Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom …great resource for anyone 45 years or older.

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What makes you ebullient? How do you come to understand not only the “why” of your authority, but the how to put that ebullience out into the world through your actions? We examine these questions, offer some resources for doing so and end up appreciating the high value having a community (in addition to the OYA podcast!) to discover and realize the how and the why in fueling our lives. We hope you will join us and also share your ways of exploration as you move from your authority!

Michael: Living an Inspired Life Podcast  featuring John O’leary     

Staffan: Ebullient

Matt Henri Nouwen With Burning Hearts 

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Have you ever known better than to behave a certain way but end up looking back and declaring, “I knew better than to do that!” In this episode we look at this question as posed by Staffan to his students and us… hence the Groundhog Day graphic. Michael is also just “hot” about everything from whoring mindfulness to you will find out. Matt shares his new podcast on creativity and how that is fueling his life. We want to hear from you about your experiences and insights around Staffan’s question and supporting your clients/students.

Michael:  Gets lit up over this blog post on whoring mindfulness.   

Staffan: Celebrates the value of friends and asks, “Why do we keep repeating unhealthy behaviors even though we know better?”

Matt: His new podcast Creativity In Healthcare  

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As we finish the old year and enter the new, how do friends inform or limit your authority? The guys

The Viking's Ikebana creation.
The Viking’s Ikebana creation.

poke around at how important friendship is, especially in our accelerated lifestyle and share tips on how to cultivate meaningful friendships. This show has quite the mix of floral arranging, holidays and how-to’s. Let us know how friendship powers your Life and helps you identify your authority!


Michael: Book – “The Way to Love” – Anthony De Mello  and talk on the book by Nikki Mirghafori on

Staffan: ikebana awareness

Matt: friendship too… Staffan’s ikebana:

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adam amazons# 18 A Younger Generation’s Perspective On Claiming Our Authority
The creator of our show’s music intro/outro, Adam Taylor, is our special 31 y/o guest this episode. We literally cover the world in discovering how as a “millennial” he finds his authority to live a very unique lifestyle that runs very counter to the lockstep: go to school:get a job: raise a family: retire of our baby boomer generation. Whether you are a boomer or millennial or some other category, you are sure to enjoy the insights shared by this wise young man and how he savors Life. Let us know the many ways you find your authority in Life.


Michael: Book – Two Japanese words wabi = profound simplicity  sabi = beauty in decay (celebrate all changes – they prevail) AND ichi-go-ichi-e = one meeting one life (cherish the moment of an important connection with another human)

Staffan: New Springsteen Concert series and David Bowie’s death.

Matt: His son takes the stage but the holidays had him savoring all 3 children as young adults.

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# 19 Good to the Bone: Sherri Betz Living On Her AuthoritySherri Betz treating

Sherri Betz,PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT stops in to share valuable tips on how she has built a career she loves and one that keeps her in her integrity. Her international leadership in Pilates and physical therapy are literally building stronger bones and helping people keep their head up high. Her fascinating journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but Sherri keeps coming back to her authority and tells us how she’s done it and continues to do so. To learn more about Sherri or train with her, see .

Michael:  Enjoying the book “How Would Buddha Act?

Staffan:  Fired up about the book “The Geography of Genius

Matt:  Who knew? Sleeping more is a great habit!?!?!

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Show  # 20 Hard Edges and Constraints That Bind

We mix it up a bit this episode and despite what sounds like some heavy topics, we work our way around to share a good number of insights and practical ways to be with and respond from hard edges and constraints. How do you deal with those very obvious or sometimes hidden constraints to maintain your proportionality and authority? We’re loving the many new comments and followers input…please keep letting us know what works and what doesn’t …you know, our constraints!

Michael: death, difficulty and seasons that bend  & freeze…somebody get him some sunlight!!

Staffan: community skating

Matt:  Zen Brain Conference in Santa Fe, NM  and Proportionality in interview with Dr. B J Miller, Zen Hospice CEO in OnBeing .

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Show # 21 Finding Your Authority In Conversations That Matterjennifer collins taylor

Jennifer Collins Taylor, MSW is our special guest this episode. Jennifer is a leading death educator that has been advocating for years the importance of healthy conversations about death dying. Her award-winning book is available as an e-copy here for free and her site there also provides links for purchasing a hard copy. We keep our portion very short because we all well knew she had many insights about finding our authority. Let us know how talking about death and life inform your authority!

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Show # 22 The Tensions for Building Your Authorityweakling

How does tension lead us to discovering our authority? When is it too much? Too little? How do we know? Why aren’t we ever comfortable as life unfolds in different contexts? The guys have some great resources for diving deeply into these important aspects of arriving at authority to fuel our lives. We also have to soothe Michael’s damage ego after Matt declares his idea “a bunch of crap”! Tune in and then let us know how you ride the edge in finding YourAuthority.

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Show # 23 Stepping Into the Wild for Your Authoritydesert wilderness

While Staffan is stoked to spend the hour together, Michael is fired up about his upcoming keynote address at SYTAR … oddly pronounced See-ter by our Aussie colleague! (And he offers this fun video link of why he talks “funny” from down under.) Matt then share a reflection process of the Jewish Omer tradition of going out into the wilderness and how it is fueling his life. That leads into the power of story and Michael shares a favorite quote re: story “Stories sell, facts tell.”  See below for the other resources and share with us your story of the wilderness.

Michael: See him at celebrating 30 year of yoga therapy. Yes folks…he’s that old!!

Staffan: Shared Carmine Gallo’s The Storyteller’s Secret  and the Misty Yoga Therapy Conference

Matt:  His mindfulness readings around Omer from these two rabbis wilderness reflections and     


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Show # 24 Earning the Right to Speak About Your Philosophychair 72dpi

This show marks our one year birthday as a show. We think you will enjoy the show as we cover a number of interesting topics that as usual weave a fine fabric of practical insight, tools and experiences for you to live #OnYourAuthority. See the links below for details…

Michael’s Quote: “To  use philosophy, you have to live life beyond philosophy, before philosophy, without philosophy. Only then do you have the right to speak of philosophy.” adapted by Michael Lee from an old Zen teaching.”

Staffan: He’s talking differentiation…did you know that he’s finally got a website late in the 21st century and it describes differentiation…those Vikings!

Matt: Here’s a copy of poem Matt read, The Chair.

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Show # 25 To Err Is Your Authority

in order to change

Michael: Blog on How To Change Your Life Through Sadhana 

Staffan: He’s talking team work from the Bloomsday Run with his friends who all organize it for 47,000 participants. And what about that race of wheelchair riding athletes?

Matt: Has been fueled by Mystery, Hubris, and Irony.

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Show # 26 Knowledge vs Wisdom? It bears Re-Pete-ing pete eol

Spring is bringing all sorts of change for the guys, just as it for you we’re sure. What as you doing to harvest your wisdom in assuming YourAuthority and how is that different than just garnering more knowledge? We discuss this differentiation, as well as Michael’s enchanting conversation with his youngest daughter, Staffan loving see the old students off and new ones arrive, plus Matt share’s his ongoing “adventure” as he and Jen fashion Plan G for their move and life. Plus you get to meet Pete…don’t miss it!

Michael: knowledge vs wisdom with his daughter

Staffan:  setting up experiential learning vs knowledge transmission and graduation

Matt: Has been fueled by Mystery, Hubris, and Irony.

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# 27 Compromise, Integrity & Politics: Easy StuffDon_Knotts_Barney_and_the_bullet_Andy_Griffith_Show

DISCLAIMER: Barney’s expression maybe how you walk away from listening to this episode!

We talked about amping up the energy in our show beforehand…well we delivered. Let us know if we came across with integrity and offered anything of value to you as you navigate your body politic in determining YourAuthority. Many choices to make and how do we lead ourselves, much less others in these “interesting” times? Leave a comment and at least shame Lee and Elgelid for their treatment of Taylor!

Michael: He’s embarking on his 8-wk program   “live what I do” from his book “Turn Stress Into Bliss” and here’s a short video explanation to participate. A quote he later found relating to this show:   “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness” – Dalai Lama

Staffan:  Starts it all with politics from his visit to Sweden/England. Body politic, compromise/integrity …those easy things.

Matt: five questions developed by psychologist Donald A. Laird to measure a person’s leadership potential. Shamed by the other 2 ; )

  1. Can you take a reprimand without blowing up?
  2. Can you take a turndown without becoming discouraged?
  3. Can you laugh with others when the joke is on you?
  4. Can you keep your spirits up when things go wrong?
  5. Can you keep your cool in emergencies?

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# 28 Old News, Familiar Story…Living with Differences

Lots going on a few weeks ago. Here are the promised connections and summary of fuel for each of  us. Let us know how the challenges around differences are influencing how you live #onyourauthority !

Michael: SYTAR inclusivity,  How can teachers engender a sense of play ala Staffan’s work; Homework: notice difference and celebrate it locally in our lives vs “going to Orlando”  A response to Orlando from Michael Lee, founder of Phoenix Rising.

Staffan: SYTAR, photo shoot for book: playing with asana and noticing differences; porch time. Identify, differentiate and integrate.

Matt: questions OnYourAuthority,  SYTAR resources and back country recordings of SYTAR.

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# 29 “Vigilant” Salty, Diary-keeping, Cowboy Pokemon….Yup, One of Those Shows

After a  nearly month hiatus with travel and work obligations, the guys are at again. There was a great deal of catching up and yet a common thread emerged.  (Besides making fun of Taylor at the usual time!) In the summer time oddness of suspended schedules, political craziness, Pokemon zombies and searching for authority we finish with an assignment for ourselves and you our listeners. Tune in and let us know your thoughts and how you stay “vigilant” locally.

Michael: power loss, conversation with daughter, how do we stay “vigilant” locally?

Staffan: dad’s diaries

Matt: horse ride, salt and light, Pokemon players everywhere in N California.

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Show # 30 “Sombunall” -stating Our Authority Without Violence

How do you avoid imposing your authority and why is it important in this day and age of political bickering or worse? Join us to pick up great techniques, ask some hard questions and of course make fun of Matt at some point!

Matt: Robert Anton Wilson’s “Quantum Psychology” and “sombunall.”

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Show # 31 Dan Libby, PhD of Veterans Yoga Project & Serving OnYourAuthorityveterans yoga project

Dan is the executive director of and he stopped by to share his personal story of involvement and to offer listeners a simple way to give back if they are yoga teachers or students. You can learn the details for participating here.  Not aware of how big a challenge the veterans have and how yoga can help? Here’s a great reference with citations. Thanks for your time Dan and listeners, let us know how you are giving back this season!

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Show # 32 Ashram, Retreat or Engage…or “All of the Above”?yogavilletaylorsmall

We found Staffan and Michael, but the satellite is having trouble finding Taylor! Have stayed at an ashram or retreat center before? Been a member? Michael has. We’d love to hear your experience. How do we keep or cultivate that experience in “ordinary”/householder life?

Tune in and join the conversation!

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eweseeShow # 33 Which Windows Determine YourAuthority?

We hadn’t talked together since August 24 and so much has happened since. Drop in and then let us know how you are responding to our changing world. What works? What doesn’t? We want to hear from you!

Michael: His 70th bday, the election results and deciding what changes to make based on our values. He shared this quote: “Hatreds never cease through hatred in this world; through love alone they cease.  This is an eternal law. ” 

– The Buddha, (Dhammapada, Verse 5)

Staffan: Trip to China, finding the slower or silence, teaching from and focusing on the “essence” vs so much busyness. He shared this book, The Book of Joy

Matt: Matt shared this movie link by Adam Curtis “Hypernormalization“. Described slowing down as a form of the love Michael suggested from his quote.

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Show  # 34 The Translator: Cutting Through The Confusion


The guys revisit sorting through the confusion of changing institutions, their loss of credibility and wonder where do we find authority? See below for resources shared by each and most of all, let us know how you are finding your way through this new jungle of shifting authority and perspectives, please!

Michael: From Tricycle     The Teacher’s Racket ;   How he is doing more meditation now and the re-cycling of practices. PCA Present Centered Awareness; Teaching from a “soft” place…contrasted with the cultural absence of softness.

Staffan: Sweden trip ; how do we become present and grounded…China and ”The Translator” book??? …watching the spaces betw stimuli and response; No silence…we need silence.

Matt: Thomas Merton quote from Fox’s “A Way to God” p 205-206 : “From now on Brother, everybody stands on his own feet.” Merton commented: “To my mind, that is an extremely important monastic statement. If you everything else that has been said, I would suggest you remember this for the future.” He elaborated: “We can no longer rely on being supported by structures that may be destroyed at any moment by a political power or a political force…The for relying on structures has disappeared.” ~ spoken hours before his death by an “accident.”

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Show  # 35 Home-Bodies? Speaking of Home & Idle Chatterno-biting

The last show of the year finds the guys musing over what is a home, how does it relate to body image, simplicity, and leadership from a place of privilege? Michael shares his powerful experience on retreat, Staffan his continued transformation of teaching style and Matt, his and Jennifer’s quest for a new literal home. Somehow we get to death, avoiding idle chatter, and how do we act to not increase the divide so many are sensing these days? Let us know how you are doing so!

Michael: Wisdom from retreat; avoiding speaking abusively, divisively, idle chatter and lying. Asking after retreat, “What in myself needs healing in order to support and lead others?”

Staffan: Staffan taught last weekend and notes his continued trend to teach more organically and from a less “How are we going to get there place.” Looking forward to reflecting now with several months off the weekend teaching gigs. Also discussed how difficult it was for students to explore their own self image in class. His book share: Mindfulness; A Practical Guide to Awakening. Joseph Goldstein

Matt: Matt and Jennifer found a new home and he reflected on what makes a home.     Leonard Cohen and The Tibetan Book of the Dead .

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Show # 36 J Brown, Gentle, Revolution, & More!

What a great show with J Brown of from Brooklyn. He quickly raised the class factor of this group with his open sharing, great insights and willingness to be with uncertainty. What’s the difference between leading and exhibiting leadership behavior? How does he check-in with himself in seeking his authority? Tune and join the conversation. J is happy to connect directly with you through his website and he wants to know what you think about “Gentle is the New Advanced” approach to yoga. You can join his podcast at

How does “gentle” inform #onyourauthority?

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Show # 37 Speculation vs. News: What’s Your Source?

2017 brings in an unusual amount of speculation and a renewed search around what is authority, who are you citing as your sources in authoring your life story, and why? With the rapid shift in the news and political landscapes, how do you find firm footing to stand for who you are in this world? Other than that, just your usual light-hearted men’s coffee klatsch chat thing.

Michael: Holiday video gift from Michael:

Staffan:  Gotta love the uncertainty of the turn of the year….

Matt:  Read some books on stories, narratives and sources of authorship, “What is your source?” “Real news vs Fake news”:

TURNING TO ONE ANOTHER: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future    by Margaret J. Wheatley

The Storytelling Animal

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

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Show # 38 Go Ahead: Get those paws muddy, this is no time to hold back

This show has dogs romping and enjoying the same old food everyday, veteran’s healing through yoga, Michael just back from a yoga conference in SFO, and Staffan arguing in a very Swedish way for simplicity. Much to enjoy, some resources to access and as always, we’d like to hear from you how you are getting your paws dirty #onyourauthority !

Michael: San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference: less woo woo and more serious students. Ezra Bayda:  At Home in the Muddy Water: A Guide to Finding Peace within Everyday Chaos.

Staffan:  Frolic of the dog and simple pleasures. Do too many directions generate a sense of fracturing? Reading Rebbe

Matt:  Veteran’s Yoga  training; new home & office; David Bohm On Creativity

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Show # 39 Can You Ask a Better Question Today?

This week we explore how do we begin to dialog around the complex issues of our times. In addition to offering some resources to explore, we again realize we don’t know either…and maybe that’s a good place for all of our dialogs to begin? Your thoughts and experiences?


How do we create dialog to discover common values and move ahead. Krista Tippett’s show: Abortion Dialog Example   @kristatippett 
Also Gil’s talk asked too include this too:   It’s very balanced and I know from conversations with Gil this is an area that he has worked very hard at – reconciling his Buddhism with contemporary issues and how to be with them. I’ve actually seen him shift since December.  We had a great talk about “What is “right action” in the world we now live.  I was asking from the perspective of a leader in the my field of work and asked him how he reconciled that as a leader and dharma teacher.  I think this recording comes close to his answer.

Staffan:    Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis JD Vance; Uncertainty and traveling back to a community for a memorial feeling part of the community despite not living there.

Matt:   A more beautiful question by Warren Berger “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.”  Try asking, Why? What if? And How?…and explore why we stop asking questions and resort to declarations.  Ala Otto Scharmer paraphrase, “Everyone senses things aren’t working anymore, but no one knows the way forward yet.”

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Show # 40 We’re Living Proof There’s All Kinds of Communities

Staffan returns from a friend’s memorial service at a former school where he taught. He notes the community there that he can’t find now and we dive into what makes community? How does our outlook affect community building? Does dwelling on the half empty glass generate or degenerate community? And does it make us “feel” emotionally, somatically and energetically? Note the very different backgrounds in our snapshot of the show and yet we get along and find community anyway between the 3 very different guys we are in the world. Tune and then drop us a line about your experiences. Now more than, ever community building.

No specific links or resources cited this wk.

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Show # 41 Authority is Impermanent: Now You Have It, Then You Don’t

Matt’s one proud dad having his daughter Emily on the show as our special guest. You will learn many of the ways #onyourauthority is a spectrum of possibilities and what you can do to maximize YOUR authority. She’s smart, caring and speaks in ordinary language even an Aussie and a Swede could understand! Let us know your experiences and be sure to check out your local resources to maximize your authority at  You can reach Emily at . What she offered was not legal advice and you should seek your local counsel’s direction before taking any action. [Gotta say it].

Proud dad addition:

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Show # 42 Edges: Too Familiar? Too New? Who Knew?

We’ve got hockey, power outages, Warren Buffet and more. Mostly two of them make fun of Matt… but then that’s easy! Join us to explore how routines and rhythms affect your authority and how that contrasts with too much new going on (like right now in the world!). Hope you can join us and share your techniques for being with each situation.

Michael: Vancouver travel and hockey with Shannon.

Staffan: Storm, rhythms, community coming together, MISTY this week and  Wyatt Earp books. Also a great book on too much new or too much old.

Matt:  Return of rhythm    Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World’s Greatest Investor  and   No god but God (Updated Edition): The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan


The Narrative Universe (Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity, and the Human Sciences) by Gianluca Bocchi and Mauro Ceruti  … they’re right, what a nerd!

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Show # 43 Trigger: Not Roy Roger’s Horse

This free form version of the show was just a bit different than most. Many experiences to relate as all 3 of us hit a busy patch. Staffan final read a serious book, “Triggers” and that set off all manner of triggers. Taylor got an F for failing his assignment to read a fun book…and penalized for it! And Michael played us both like a fiddle. Stop by, relax and chuckle. Nothing too serious to see here this show, move along please….

Michael: 21 days travel Stanford presentation and California mental providers course “Bring the Body to Therapy”

Staffan: MISTY , YA meeting in CA was very rewarding; Read Triggers his one serious book!

Matt:  Charlie visited, Cosanti by Paolo Soleri  and his book: Mind Gardens;     Matt to read two fun books now like the mindless murder mysteries Dr. Egelid reads.        Pie as a trigger.

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Show # 44 Spring is Sprung…Still Got Bounce In Your Spring?

It’s spring, the sap is rising, in the Northern Hemispheres the daylight is gaining each day. Do you still feel the youthful renewal of spring? If you do or don’t, is it a matter of state of mind or state of body? How might you re-capture that youthfulness or does the acquired wisdom of experience offset any diminishment in capacities. And yes, Matt did his homework…and learned to never submit to Dr Elgelid’s authority. Who knew there were romance novels specifically for men or women!

Michael:  Fired up after teaching Staffan’s PT/Yoga class yesterday. Also excited about his upcoming August retreat in Maine and you are all invited here.

Staffan:  He’s pumped with generosity of the teachers contributing to his course. Also loving the renewal of spring with children playing and trees budding. His new book!

Matt:   He’s elected to the Board of Directors Veterans Yoga Project .  Homework taught him to never surrender his authority.   Kitchen Cabinets are painted….it’s the little celebrations.

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Show # 45 Job vs Vocation On Your Authority

As graduation looms for Staffan, Matt settles in to new “work” and Michael reflects on his long, rich career, the conversation meanders around the differences between job and career, who we show up as “on stage” vs “off stage” and what all this might have to do with authority. Join us and share how you keep your “job” a vocation based on your authority.

Michael:  Enjoyed the NYC Yoga Journal conference, the last of its kind. Notes a real shift in emphasis away from an asana show. Also excited about Matt and Jennifer attending his Maine retreat in August  here.

Staffan: Graduation has him pumped seeing how the students have changed and are ready to go out and practice on their own. Also was accepted to present in Barcelona this summer which means sandwiching beach vacations! Also revisited the book “Essentialism” themes.

Matt:  Great post-op report for Jennifer; examining shift in self image as work/vocation shifts too.

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Show # 46 Finding Authority as a New Graduate

This show follows up from last weeks show by Michael sharing his morning embodied reflection technique for you to experience. We then dive into a question from a new PT graduate about authority as a brand new graduate when you might think you have any authority. Fun conversation with many great suggestions that would support any new grad. Please share with your new grads in your family or organization!

Michael:     San Diego CEU course for mental health professionals, “Bring Your Body to Therapy” this weekend has him fired up.

Staffan:       Reflective week with the 60th birthday of his deceased brother and wondering Nora Bateson’s question from her book, “ What holds it all together?”

Matt: Great Amsterdam trip and pumped regarding how well Jennifer presented there following a long hiatus from public speaking. Also excited about new grants for      

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Show # 47 Leadership, Power and Authority, Oh my!

How do you differentiate between leadership, power and authority? All 3 are related but discerning and staying aware of the differences is now more important than ever. Join us as we explore the concepts that weigh heavily around the world and right at home as well!

Michael:     Very impressed with the community support at the San Diego facility he presented at for recovery and how that almost as much as the specific therapies seemed so vital and alive.

Staffan:      Small town visit to upstate NY impressed him re community and ongoing connections there. He loved the old, big theater.

Matt: Banff trip was exciting as he tried to “see” it through “relationship” eyes vs conditioned “objects” perspective ala Nora Bateson’s book. That reflection morphed into asking what should leadership be today in our world?

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Show # 48 SYTAR Live Interviews Part 1

Our special guests:

Dan Libby, PhD

Helene Couvrette

Carol Krucoff

Marlysa Sullivan

Jill Massengill, DC

Chase Bossart

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Show # 49 SYTAR Live Interviews Part 2

Molly McManus

Shelly Prosko

Abby Geyer

Richard Miller, PhD

Sarah Kaczor Greco

Ann Marie Johnston

Baxter Bell, MD

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Show # 50 A Sloooowwwww Show…The dog days of summer (almost)

Michael:     Had two big trips: Denmark with his family and then Vancouver to teach the philosophies of transformation that fired he and the participants up.

Staffan:  A real restful summer complemented with watch the Tour de France in the Alps is the perfect mix for restoration for him this year. Very grateful.

Matt:       Fun trip to Cape Cod with his mother and sisters. Visited with Terry and Jay Gupta afterwards of . Then filming for . Mostly recently his daughter’s new podcast has been so rewarding to watch.

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Michael:      Enjoying being home the past few weeks. Fired up by reviewing past teachings and planning for future ones around the idea of “Yoga at the Crossroads: Linking theory and practice.” How do we change? Also mused re: “How do we live intentionally? Does I time use reflect those intentions? And are we open to change?”

Staffan:  Staffan’s fired up about Matt’s bday tomorrow. Also the rest he got in the Dominican Republic with the rekindling of creative fire as a result. Even hockey goalies miss 6-8% of the time.

Matt:    Excited about my bday,   enjoying working on my book.       Shared Danah Boyd Email control while traveling.

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# 52 Scary Tales From Camp…Sorta   and # 53 Balancing Acceptance & Action: What’s Harvey Saying?

No notes per se… just tune in and then give us your opinion and resources. We’ll do better on resources…probably!

# 54 Marketing: Smart Integrity?

Michael:    Enjoyed the tour of NASA and international collaboration he observed there.

Staffan:  Fun with his visit to the Taylors, and seeing his former student Jaimie Perkanus flourish, but wonders about marketing to match expectations vs being authentic.

Matt:    Staffan’s visit and the coming together of his book with the time to write.  Around Edgar Mitchell   


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Show # 55 That’s a Rap….

Everything appears to have a beginning, middle, and end. This is the end for OnYourAuthority. Overfull schedules with considerable travel by the 3 of us and having a sense we’ve said what we needed to on the topic helped us realize that this podcast is complete. We wish to thank all of you for supporting the show. We’ll keep the webpage up for a few months, but this is farewell. There’s much to do and nothing to do, so let’s all go out on our authority comfortable with that paradox. Gratefully, Matt, Staffan and Michael.

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